Year 11 information

Calling all Year 11 parents and guardians ..

You may have already heard about NCS (National Citizen Service) – over 750,000 young people have taken part. This is your teen’s chance to get out into the world, get some new skills, make friends AND have fun. NCS away from home experiences will help your teen to Live It, Boss It, or Change It over five-days and four-nights – the choice of theme is theirs!

This year, NCS is better than ever with brand new away from home experiences.

You can find further details on what this entails and how to go about registering for it by clicking the links below NCS 2023

Parent-Guardian-Information-Leaflet 2023

NCS-Leaflet 2023


Going to Sixth Form – How will you travel?  Further details can be found vi the links below –

Going to Sixth form or College – How will you travel?

Post – 16 transport application


Information from Sixth Form Colleges

Sarum Sixth Form Newsletter

Partnership Flyer


In order to support Year 11 in their final year before they face the GCSE exams we will be uploading tips on how to revise, and how to approach the exams season so that they can achieve their best. It would also be helpful for parents to explore the resources so that you are able to support students at home.

Introduction to Revision



COVID-19 A levels and GCSEs

Learning Styles

Make a Revision Timetable

Managing Yourself

Preparing for Exams

Exams Reflection

Year 11 Revision Guide

Success Evening Power Point

Multiple Intelligences Test

Following the Growth Mindset for exams session students can test their own mindset and gain ideas on how to change their way of thinking about their own succesby going to the following link –

Growth Mindset Reflection

How to help your child revise