Mathematics is an intrinsically fascinating and rewarding subject, with opportunities for enrichment at all levels.  Developing a sound base of skills and knowledge for further study or for employment post 16 is a core aim of the department, without losing the sense of awe that such an all encompassing discipline can give.  We aim to give the best diet of mathematics to all pupils, regardless of their ability, and prepare them for a life of learning.


We have five suited rooms, each equipped with an interactive whiteboard. The department has access to computer facilities and we make full use of websites such as MyMaths, MathsWatch and the PiXL Maths App.

All staff are available for help at lunchtimes and on selected evenings after school as exams approach. A weekly Homework Club operates. The Junior Maths Challenge is available each year for some students in Years 7-10.

KS3 Maths

The Key Stage 3 course grounds pupils in a wide range of knowledge relating to Number, Algebra, Shape and Statistics.  These core National Curriculum areas of mathematics are studied in depth as well as pupils gaining the important skills necessary for independent learning and investigation. Students are tested three times each year, in order for us to track their progress.

GCSE Maths

Mathematics is an important subject that is used in many other areas of work and study. It is a core subject and therefore compulsory. Most college courses and apprenticeships will require a certain grade at GCSE Maths, and those students wishing to take their studies further to AS or A level Maths will usually need to have gained at least a grade 6 at GCSE.

At Stonehenge we study for Edexcel GCSE Mathematics, which has three 1.5hr exams at the end of Year 11.  There is no coursework in GCSE Mathematics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here in the maths department if you have any questions or queries about maths at any level in the school.