Ofsted Report 

During the latest Ofsted Inspection in September 2022, our school has once again been rated as a ‘Good’ school for the our 6th consecutive inspection, creating a consistency that spans across almost 20 years.

After ten years of being a staff member at the school, I am incredibly proud to start my Headship with our hard work and dedication to our students and community being recognised in this way.

This report demonstrates the high standards that continue to be a feature of our school, alongside the vision and strategic plans that myself and my senior team have in place to drive us forward even further. It also shows that despite a global pandemic and the disruptions that education has experienced, we have continued to develop our curriculum and make extra advancements within our teaching.

The report is attached, and also available to read on our website, but some of the features that we are particularly proud of are:

  • The extent to which the Inspectors were particularly impressed by the behaviour of the vast majority of our pupils. They comment specifically on how polite and respectful they are, and the atmosphere of mutual respect that they observed
  • The importance that we place on the safety of our pupils and how we support their emotional health and well-being.
  • How new systems that have been launched this academic year to improve attendance and punctuality are already having an impact
  • How new behaviour systems and policies add clarity and allow ‘positive steps to re-establish routines’, particularly where behaviour does not meet our high expectations
  • The broad curriculum that is on offer to every pupil – and the extent to which we have planned the concepts that they need to learn
  • The specialised delivery of the curriculum by our teaching staff
  • Our extra-curricular offer, which continues to expand
  • The emphasis that we place on reading, especially where pupils have a reading age lower than their actual age
  • Our re-developed PSHCE curriculum and careers advice
  • Our strong culture of safeguarding

The areas that have been identified for us to work on fit entirely with the plans that we had in place prior to the inspection, meaning that we will continue work to ensure that pupils receive a consistently effective curriculum across all subjects, and to ensure that the words that pupils use in school are appropriate and take each other’s feelings into account when speaking to each other.

Click here to download our latest Ofsted Report 2022

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