We are extremely proud of the strong links that we have with the armed forces and currently 46% of our students already come from families where their parents/guardians are serving within these vital services. The work does not stop here. Students that come from services backgrounds have an excellent record of achievement and contribute positively to life at Stonehenge. This can not only be evidenced through outstanding examination results for these students but also through evidence collated through student and parent voice.

Beyond academic support we also offer ongoing pastoral support, taking the particular needs of forces children into account. In the past we have worked with the NSPCC and  Army Welfare in order to provide a range of services to minimise the effects or turbulence that sometimes comes with military life.  We have recently collaborated with Little Troopers and are currently using their materials to support Year 7 services students dealing with the effects of mobility and deployment. To read some of the press releases regarding our collaborations, please click on the links below:

Services PrefectsHowever, our greatest ambassadors for life at Stonehenge as a services student, are the students themselves. At Stonehenge we recognise the importance of developing leadership opportunities for our students, and our services students have the opportunity to apply to become Services Ambassadors in year 10 and Services Prefects in Year 11. These students go above and beyond to contribute to the Stonehenge school and offer support to our younger services  students who may be struggling. In the past they have organised cinema events, given assemblies and supported the reading force scheme.

If you have any  questions regarding the provision for service children at Stonehenge, please do not hesitate to contact: