“At Stonehenge we believe education is all about the whole person. Every pupil has the ability to achieve something worthwhile and excel in some field. Our sports programme is designed to help young people identify and develop what they’re good at, leading them to greater confidence and self-esteem. Enjoying success in sport, at their own individual level, can often be the key to pupils’ success across the whole school”. Mr A Protheroe – Head of PE


Physical Education makes an important contribution to the education and physical development of all children. Within the boundaries of Physical Education all pupils have the opportunity to experience the values and qualities that can be utilised in adult life. The development of an individual’s physical, mental and social development is experienced within the domain of the subject. By channelling these experiences in the positive way, all students can benefit from the contribution that Physical Education brings to their overall education.

The aim of the Physical Education programme is to promote enjoyment through a variety of learning experiences and situations which stimulate the acquisition and development of a wide range of physical skills. The distinction between ‘Physical Education’ and ‘Games’ allows pupils to experience a variety of teaching and learning styles in a range of challenging environments

Sport For All

At Stonehenge we offer a plethora of sporting activities, giving every student an unrivalled opportunity to discover what they enjoy and what they’re good at. Whether in sports practices or on school teams, everyone is encouraged to give of their best regardless of ability. The major contribution and importance of Physical Education is facilitated not only through the pupils time-tabled weekly lessons, but also the extensive range of extra-curricular activities and Games that take place throughout the week. Pupils who wish to devote more time to an activity, either to improve their ability with high level coaching, or purely as recreation have the opportunity to do so on a regular basis. By offering an extensive range of these activities, the department actively encourages a large percentage of students to regularly participate in physical activity during the school week.

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