Science is essential for modern citizens. It provides an understanding of everyday life and transferable skills such as planning, handling equipment, and evaluating evidence. These can lead to many careers (not just those related to Science) and it enables citizens to make informed decisions and contributions, which affect their everyday lives and environment.


For this reason the Science Department endeavours to make Science exciting, challenging and relevant through lessons that vary in approach from group work to direct teaching, from open debate to investigative work.

Our key aims are to:

·Stimulate all pupils’ curiosity and excitement about the nature, the events, discoveries and inventions in the World around them.

·Develop practical skills and an awareness of health and safety issues.

·Encourage pupils to think critically and logically.

·Help pupils to analyse, to evaluate and to draw conclusions in a scientific way.

·Develop pupils’ IT skills throughout the science curriculum.

·Help pupils to understand how scientific ideas have contributed to technological and medical advances.

·Encourage pupils to consider both ethical and controversial issues in science.

·Establish cross curricular links with other departments within the school.