The curriculum at The Stonehenge School has been designed to allow every pupil to unlock and empower pupils to unleash their potential.

The Stonehenge School – Vision Values Mission and Ethos

Our pupils are empowered to ‘think big’.

All pupils have the opportunity to study a diverse and challenging curriculum, unlocking pathways.

Creating passion for lifelong learning and global citizenship.

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At the Stonehenge School we believe that there is no limit to any student’s potential. We aspire to develop a positive learning community in which effort, participation and achievement are valued.

Striving for excellence, we aim to create an outstanding school where students are happy, healthy and given opportunities to exceed their expectations. Enriched by history and culture, Stonehenge is a school for the future.

If any parent or member of the public would like any further information  about the curriculum our school is following please contact Mr J Braddick (Deputy Headteacher)