The basis of the school’s policy on behaviour is that the school is a purposeful place of work.  Its atmosphere and ethos should be one in which all members of the community feel at ease, know what is expected of them, and are treated with respect.  Students and staff must feel confident, safe, and able to fulfil their potential.  School rules are important for the wellbeing of everyone; they are contained in Student planners and referred to regularly in Assembly and Tutor Periods.  We want the maintenance and restoration of good relations to be at the centre of our community.

We have the highest expectations of students and staff in terms of behaviour and consideration of the needs of others.  These expectations are promoted in lessons, tutor periods, Assemblies, PSHE, social and sporting events, and the way we conduct ourselves around school.

Through this we will promote appropriate behaviour between all members of our community. We will also challenge and correct any inappropriate behaviour.

Below are a list of the current school policies: