Staff List

Parent/Carers of Pupils
Any parent concerned about their child should contact us as follows:

  1. Contact your child's Tutor in the first instance for day-to-day issues
  2. Contact your child's Progress Leader if you feel the matter at hand is not a routine one or you want to speak to a more senior member of staff
  3. Depending on the nature of the issue, you may wish to contact a member of the school's senior leadership team or Headmaster directly, or after speaking to other members of staff first. Please telephone or email the school (details above) if this is the case.

Note: All tutors and senior members of staff at school teach during the school day. If staff are not available when you ring in, Reception will ensure they get a message so that they can respond to your query as soon as possible.


Mr N D Roper

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs C Dean

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs M Fletcher (Key Stage 4)

Mrs T Roberts (School Community & Transition)

Mrs F Staker


School Business manager

Mrs C Busby



Progress Leader Miss S Pavey

7EVS Mrs E Stanford - Fraternity - Blue

7AJP Mr A Protheroe – Liberty – Red -

7DMA Mr D Marshall – Equality – Green -

7SVC Mrs S Clark / Ms J Hockley - Equality - Green /

Mrs M Hock - Equality - Green

Mr C Mining - Fraternity - Blue

Mrs E Ray - Liberty - Red   


Progress Leader: Mr J Briggs

8SRO Mr S Rogers - Liberty - Red

8NMC Mr N McCarthy - Fraternity - Blue

8AEL Miss A Ellis - Fraternity - Blue

8EVJ Mrs E Jamieson - Equality - Green

8JPC Mr J Cotterell - Fraternity - Blue

8DYO Mr D Young - Liberty - Red

8GRH Miss G Harris - Equality - Green


Progress Leader Mr A Vickery

9CSL Mrs C Levey - Liberty - Red

9DGR Mr D Grainger - Liberty - Red

9DPW Mr Woods - Fratenity - Blue -

9WJH Mrs W Havery/Mrs N Hillier - Equality - Green /

9KMC Mrs K Collins - Liberty - Red

9KWA Mrs K Ward - Equality - Green


Progress Leader:  Mrs D Jackson

10SCB Miss S Bowie - Liberty - Red

10TJS Mr T Selwood - Liberty - Red

10JLB Mrs J Bhaya - Equality - Green

10JLP Ms J Phaedona - Fraternity - Blue

10JRF Mr J Faulkner - Liberty - Red


Progress Leader: Mrs Fletcher

11HSB Mrs H Blake - Fraternity - Blue

11MSB Mr M Busby - Liberty - Red

11GJW Mr Wooster - Equality - Green

11MAC Mr Cornelius - Fraternity - Green

11RCH Mr R Church - Fraternity - Blue

11RJT Mrs R Thompson - Liberty - Red


English - Mr Wooster -

Head of Maths - Mr Cornelius -

 Head of Science - Mr Busby -

Head of IT and Computing - Mr Woods -

Humanities - Mr Langley -

Art, Design & Technology - Mrs Havery -

Modern Foreign languages - Ms Hockley -

Drama - Mrs Staker -

PE - Mr Protheroe -

Director of Music - Mr Rogers-

Acting SENCO - Mrs Doole -

Admin Staff

Mrs D Harker - PA to the Headteacher

Mrs S Hoult - Office Manager

SUPA - Teacher Training at The Stonehenge School

Click here to take a look at What SUPA has to offer.

The Stonehenge School offers a range of opportunities and experiences for those who wish to join the profession. We provide a highly supportive environment, with a well-organised training programme that has helped many successful students to enter into the world of teaching. We view this as a highly important part of what we do as a school in supporting the future of education in the local area. 

There’s never been a better time to train to be a teacher.

Teacher training is better, more varied and more targeted at the needs of the young teacher than ever before. And when you do qualify salaries are attractive - average starting salary is around £23K and a Head can earn as much as £113K.

Good teachers are in demand and there are excellent employment prospects; 9 out of 10 new teachers, who want to teach, found teaching jobs in the first 12 months.

No other profession gives you the opportunity to share the passion you have for your subject with so many people, so often.

And teaching offers the chance to take on responsibility early in your career. 

There are two main routes that are offered at The Stonehenge School for teacher training:

Provider lead

This is a conventional PGCE course based at one of the local universities with placements available at The Stonehenge School. We have links of this nature with several higher education establishments and if this is the route you are interested in you should apply directly to the University of your choice.

School Direct

The Stonehenge School is involved in partnerships with other local schools and the University of Southampton in providing non-salaried School Direct teacher training placements. We are involved in the SUPA (Southampton University Partnership Alliance) Salisbury alliance and offer training in a wide variety of subjects each year.

Please use the following link for the SUPA teaching alliance where more information about the course structure and the schools involved in the partnership can be found –

 Applying for a place 

For September 2016 the alliance will be providing places for the following subjects. Applications can be made via the UCAS website using the following codes: 


Provider name


Name of training programme


Training Location

SUPA Salisbury




Main Site

SUPA Salisbury




Main Site

SUPA Salisbury




Main Site

SUPA Salisbury




Main Site

SUPA Salisbury




Main Site

SUPA Salisbury


Physical Education


Main Site

SUPA Salisbury




Main Site

SUPA Salisbury




Main Site

SUPA Salisbury




Main Site

SUPA Salisbury


Modern Languages


Main Site

Course Structure

This training programme is similar in structure to the provider-led PGCE course at the University. The main difference will be the attachment each trainee will make with their home school which will involve an initial three weeks of induction and a guaranteed second placement. The content of the training year is broken down as follows:

Term 1

In September trainees will spend approximately three weeks following an induction programme in their home school. This should afford opportunities to visit local primary schools and gain 6th Form experience, as well as gaining an understanding of the systems and functions of the home school. Trainees will then attend approximately two weeks initial training in the University. This will be followed by the rest of the term in their second placement school as well as attending University training days.

Terms 2 and 3

In January, trainees will attend the University for further training for approximately two weeks and will then begin their teaching placement in their home school. They will remain there until the end of June whilst they complete a personalised programme. 

During this time, trainees will return to the University from time to time for regular training days. 

There is a wide range of contrasting schools within the alliance which ensure a broad experience.  For more specific questions and details of bursaries available please contact

You are welcome to visit our school and this can be arranged by emailing Jo Hockley at

You can keep up to date with upcoming train to teach events and latest information by following us on Twitter SupaTeachers @supateacherITT