Tassomai is a quiz-based revision tool for GCSE science, tailored to each student’s ability and knowledge, allowing them to focus on their weaker areas of the syllabus. The Stonehenge School provided years 10 and 11 with the package, for use within and outside of school. Students aim to use the motivating program each day for 20-30 minutes to consolidate their knowledge through spacing and interleaving of the GCSE content, building their confidence before the exams.

Teachers monitor the usage of all students to see how regularly they are using it, and how many questions they have answered correctly. Continually updated diagnostic information is created for each aspect of the course for each student, allowing teachers to inform future teaching and easily see where intervention is needed. Used as a homework and diagnostic tool, it saves teachers substantial amounts of time in terms of planning and assessment.

The impact has been a positive change in attitudes to science revision and rapid improvement in the science grades achieved by students. Where previously the school’s science results were in the bottom 20% of the country, using Tassomai has increased attainment and progress to create results that are in the top 20% nationally.

The Stonehenge School and Tassomai from Tassomai on Vimeo.