The newly appointed IT prefects and the Teaching and Learning prefects were given the ability to run the social media sites for the Salisbury Oxjam. During the day they have shared different lessons, delivered a special assembly to Year 8, and even managed to get a large portion of the school to make the Oxfam logo.

Maths, English and Geography lessons included Oxfam material that allowed students to look at how fair the World Cup is or the impact on the event on the different countries. There was also time to visit the new build as the work continues on our extension.

Oxjam Salisbury 2018 is part of the Oxjam network raising money on behalf of Oxfam. The volunteer team will be organising a multi-venue music festival in Salisbury as part of the UK’s largest grassroots festival. They will be hosting events throughout the summer and autumn in the build up to our main ‘festival in a day’ in October.

The motto is simple – Local Music, Global Impact. And the core aims echo this:

  1. Raise money to help fight poverty and inequality across the globe through Oxfam.
  2. Provide a platform for emerging talent within our local music scene.
  3. Support local venues, businesses and communities.